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Playfair Lodge

This facility is a one level building with 32 units with an outdoor patio.

Playfair Lodge

Bassano, Alberta

Playfair Lodge is a one level building with 40 units with an outdoor patio. The Playfair Lodge provides housekeeping service, full meal service, laundry service, basic room furnishings, building security, 24-hour non-medical staffing and opportunities for socializing. 

Playfair Lodge offers activities which allow residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle by encouraging movement. Being able to socialize with other residents becomes an important part of many peoples’ lives and Playfair Lodge offers common spaces indoors and outdoors to support that need. 

24 Hour Security.
Home Care personnel and monitored life lines provided.
Three daily meals and unlimited snacks.
Library services, hair salon, resident lounges, and home care office.
Exercise, entertainment, and socials are scheduled daily.
Resident laundry rooms. Linens and towels supplied.
Plug-in resident parking lot and scooter parking garage.
All residents have 24 hour access to immediate assistance via monitored medical alert bracelets throughout the facility.
Activities are scheduled daily for those who wish to participate like exercises, entertainment, and socials.
Three meals are served with snacks available. Rooms cleaned weekly, including linen and towel services.
Home Care personnel are available to provide assistance with medications, bathing and other care needs as assessed.

Single Suite

$1211monthly subsidized price

$1613monthly non-subsidized price

Single Occupancy

  • 200 Sq. Ft.
  • Studio Space
  • Closet Space
  • Individual Thermostats

Oversize Single Suite

$1371monthly subsidized price

$1773monthly non-subsidized price

Single Occupancy

  • 300 Sq. Ft.
  • Large Studio Space
  • Closet Space
  • Individual Thermostats

Double Suite

$1487monthly subsidized price

$1889-2291monthly non-subsidized price

Double Occupancy

  • 400 Sq. Ft.
  • Separate Living and Bedroom
  • Closet Space
  • Individual Thermostats

Individuals that make more than $29,855 annually do not qualify for the subsidized rate.