The Newell Foundation takes great pride in providing housing for seniors in Southern Alberta. Serving the communities of Brooks, Bassano, Duchess, Rosemary, and the County of Newell.

We know you’ll find yourself at home with us. 

The Newell Housing Foundation takes great pride in providing affordable housing and quality care for seniors, individuals, and families in Southern Alberta. 

Serving the communities of Brooks, Bassano, Duchess, and Rosemary. We believe in working together with the residents and their families to provide the best possible service we can. We strive for residents to feel at home with us and be proud to call the Newell Housing Foundation facilities their home.


Applicants must have an income below the local income limits as determined by the market for that community. 

Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Once deemed eligible, placement is determined by need rather than date of application. Priority of need is determined by a number of factors, including income, assets, number of dependants, and current housing condition.

Seniors Self-Contained Housing

Seniors Self-contained Housing program provides apartment-style housing to seniors who are able to live independently with or without the assistance of community-based services.

Seniors Housing Communities

Supportive housing communities which provide rooms, meals, housekeeping services, and recreational opportunities for seniors who do not require care in a specialized health care facility.

Community and Low-Income Housing

Community Housing Program provides subsidized rental housing in the private sector for low-income families, seniors, and individuals who cannot afford other housing options due to circumstance.