About the

Newell Housing

Newell Housing Foundation provides quality, affordable, and safe home in a supportive environment.

Prior to 2021, the Newell Housing Foundation was two separate organizations.

The Newell Foundation which operated the Newbrook Lodge, Playfair Lodge, Dr. Scott Apartments and the Life Lease Home.

The Newell Housing Association which operated the Pioneer Villas, Heritage Villas, Wildrose Villa, Community Housing Program, and the Rental Assistance Benefit.

With facilitation by the Government of Alberta the Boards of both organizations began to meet to discuss the possibilities and opportunities of a merger. It was decided that the combination of Newell Housing Association with Newell Foundation would provide residents in Brooks and the County of Newell with improved access to affordable and seniors housing options while further strengthening our position in the housing industry and so, on April 1, 2021, the Newell Housing Foundation was formed.

Our Board Members

Kole Steinley

Board Chair, Member at Large

Yoko Fujimoto

Representing the Village of Rosemary

Grace Miedema

Vice Chair, Member at Large

John Slomp

Representing the Town of Bassano

Marissa Wardrop

Representing the City of Brooks

Amanda Philpott

Representing the County of Newell

John Petrie

Representing the City of Brooks

Adena Skanderup

Representing the County of Newell

Shanda Smith

Representing the Village of Duchess

Our Management Team

Sasha Loewen, ARM

Chief Administrative Officer

Charlene Anderson

Finance Manager

Rob Tinis

Newbrook Lodge Manager

Agnes Krasznai

Playfair Lodge Manager

Tara Vogt

Pioneer Villa Manager

Executive Summary

The Newell Housing Foundation is a management body created by Ministerial Order No. H:055/95 under Section 5 and is a corporation as outlined in Section 6 of the Alberta Housing Act. The Newell Housing Foundation provides low rental housing to senior citizens plus board and room in a home-like atmosphere. 

The Newell Housing Foundation’s goals and strategic priorities will ensure residents’ needs are being met. They are treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. Residents can be assured they are safe, can feel trusted, and are valued for their honesty. The Foundation works hard to ensure residents feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging living in our facilities. We are a caring community, and take pride in listening to what others have to say, considering all input to be valuable.

Vision statement & Mission statement 

“Hope and Homes for All”

“The Newell Foundation provides quality, affordable, and safe homes in a supportive environment to meet our seniors’ lifestyles”.

Business Plan

The Newell Housing Foundation Business Plan was prepared under the Board’s direction in accordance with legislation and ministerial guidelines, and in consideration of all policy decisions and material, economic, or fiscal implications of which the Board is aware.

Goal 1: Grow the inventory of Community Housing assets to provide additional affordable homes for more families in need within our communities.

Goal 2: Strive to ensure all facilities operated by the Newell Housing Foundation are operating at full capacity such that there are few vacancies on an ongoing basis.

Goal 3: Obtain adequate funding to complete the construction and opening of a new Bassano Continuing Care Centre.

Goal 4: Continue to invest in our staff and board to ensure skills and knowledge are being continuously improved.

Goal 5: Increase public and stakeholder awareness about the Newell Housing Foundation, its needs, opportunities, and services.